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from garden to plate.  What could be better?  
We offer solutions, free advice and ideas for all types of gardening, all year round.  Scroll down for more detail of what we can offer!  


Established in 2007, HartyCulture is a family-run business based in the heart of the beautiful orchards of County Armagh, Northern Ireland.  We offer a wide spectrum of horticultural and landscaping services to private, public and third sector clients, with a focus on quality, sustainability and listening to our customers' requirements.  We have also contributed a regular gardening column to the lifestyle magazine "Flavour", and always enjoy presenting to community and other groups on areas of horticultural interest.  Most recently, we have introduced year-round Foraging and Nature Tours in a range of locations across Northern Ireland, where we explore our natural environment during a guided walk through beautiful countryside.  You can book a tour with us on our Book Foraging and Nature Tours page.   

Specialising in school gardens, with experience in well over 100 institutions, HartyCulture helps kids to develop an understanding of the world around them, and an appreciation of where fresh food comes from.  Have a look at our blog and the Gardening in Schools page (both under the Gallery, Blog & Much More! tab above) to find out more.  You can also follow us on Facebook - search for HartyCulture or visit

We take our responsibilities to the local environment very seriously, and source products locally and recycle as much as possible.  We support construction projects to comply with the "Considerate Constructors Scheme", and we can work with you to help your project benefit from the B&Q Waste Donation Scheme and Biffa's Landfill Community Fund.  Click on the Sources of Funding tab above to find out more about those schemes, and about other grants that are available to help get your project "off the ground"!  


So from work or advice with an existing garden at any time of year, to the creation of your own unique outdoor classroom, we can help you with


  • raised vegetable beds

  • living willow structures

  • rhubarb and herb patches

  • sensory areas and herb gardens

  • fruit corners

  • mini-beast and bird habitats

  • effective composting

  • outdoor play & outdoor classrooms

  • vertical gardens

  • ponds

  • mushroom logs

  • animal habitats

  • woodwork

  • landscaping and general garden design,

making fresh produce practical, accessible and affordable for you.  Growing food made easy and good for all!  The Gallery tab under the Gallery, Blog & Much More! tab above shows you examples of work we've carried out in recent months.   


If you have anything in mind, please call 07490 974421 for any advice or assistance that we can offer.  

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