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Nature works and we want to work with it. This we consider worthwhile putting thought into: we want this to be a success for you.


HartyCulture Raised Vegetable Beds are most cost-effectively sourced from local Douglas Fir (being the “hardest of the softwoods”), among many other options such as oak, larch, Spanish chestnut, etc.  The timbers are cut to size and impregnated with linseed oil, a non-toxic preservative, which, when regularly applied, guarantees indefinite durability.  Well maintained, you can expect a financial return from yield within 3-5 years!


Our standard timbers are 25mm thick x 250mm deep, and generally up to 5m in length, as any longer can be inconvenient to walk around.  1.5m is the standard width of bed, for ease of access from either side (1.1m for kids).  Each 5m bed requires over 1.5t of growing medium.


Double height beds are perfect for “seated gardening”.  Pathway/firm footing is advised, however we are happy to consider all ideas and possible options.  All standard quotes given by us assume a clear and level surface.  

This is one of the best methods for growing high yields within a low maintenance, practical and efficient environment. Sourcing locally and organically wherever possible, with your first crop sown inclusively, along with as much advice and assistance as necessary, Hartyculture is "all systems grow". Just stick to the plan: water, weed and reap!


Please call 07490 974421 for free no-obligation estimates.

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